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The Other Version of Me
The butterflies he use to give me turned into little feet ♥
Tuesday, 17 March 2015 • 16:31
I'm pleasantly reminded that I am not alone
A precious rounded knee, pushing and twisting
with no one can see, 
It just our little secret that only I can feel 

I silently smiling as I feel you play within
You took my breath away from the very start
When you were just a little blip inside me
You embraced my heart and our life has just begun

My mind would always filled with the thoughts of you
How the feelings I felt would you felt, too
I'm daydreaming of the things we'll share
Like your laughs when looking at your father's silly face

Like how you hold my finger with your tiny little hands
Like how I'll never get enough to seeing your pretty eyes
I may not a believer nor a religious kind of person
But I pray for you each day that your life be touched with grace

I'll thank the angels from the above
And promise you an unending love
I was happy just by stories and jokes your father used to tell
But now I even happier because he tells you 
And you laugh by twirling inside me

You became the happiness, other soul of mine
And I'll love you till the day my heart stops
I look forward to the day of your birth
When we both cry and it will be the true love at the first sight

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